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It is said that nothing is ever new in fashion- “Same Stuff/Different Decade”. I was checking out my favorite magazines lately and instead of seeing things I liked and would possibly plan to add to my wardrobe- I was frowning and muttering the words “Oh NO..”.

This does not bode well for 2014.When it comes to fashion, I’m usually an optimist but what I’m seeing lately is a rebirth in trends…BAD trends from the not distant enough past.

So let’s take a look at my personal Top 4 Fashion Don’ts That Do NOT Need To Make A Come Back:

MOM JEANS- Now this may elicit a laugh from you but they are seriously showing up on the pages of magazines and major fashion blogs. High-waisted, washed out, baggy-in-the-front-and-butt Mom Jeans. So what if they have been dressed up with cute tops, luxurious sweaters and pointy-toed pumps?? They are still simply horrifying. Unless your body is tall and straight up and down with no curves in sight, baggy jeans in any incarnation are NOT going to flatter you. Mom Jeans really don’t flatter ANY shape and isn’t that what jeans are supposed to do?. In recent years, the “Boyfriend Jean” has been so very popular but most of the time, seeing them on the average girl makes you cringe. The thought that we are really supposed to take Mom Jeans with a 16” zipper seriously as a new “look” makes me wonder if the Fashion Editors are just playing a practical joke to see who is Fashion Victim enough to walk off that cliff. VERDICT: Just say NO!

BDG The Mom Jean -$59


SCRUNCHIES- Really ?? If you are like me, you remember the Late 80’s/ Early 90’s and you did indeed have yourself a scrunchie or 5. You used it to either pull back the front half of your big hair or pull back ALL of your big hair. If it was a more “formal” event…you pulled out the BIG GUN- your Velvet Scrunchie. If you were there, you remember that black, hunter green, navy or burgundy velvet scrunchie. Close your eyes and picture it…ick!  Now it seems that the lovely Cressida Bonas- the pretty, blonde girlfriend of Prince Harry, has been seen sporting a scrunchie in her long, perfect beach waves. You know what happens when The Royals (or those dating one) show up in something different….a new trend!  Lawd help us if we see scrunchies in everyone’s hair this year, there will be gnashing of teeth and shaking of heads. VERDICT: You’ll be glad you didn’t.

Cressida, Harry & The Scrunchie


DENIM ONESIES & OVERALLS- Wow…this one has been taking over Celebrity Fashion for a few months now. It’s quite silly looking on grown women but certain It Girls of various ages have joined in. Gwen Stefani and Rihanna have been seen walking around in them with serious expressions and dark sunglasses – so you know they mean business.  Denim overalls were also big in the 90’s and I remember very well that most of LA-including myself- had to have this one particular brand of overalls. You saw them coming and going and even way back then, they were pretty pricey. Luckily, it didn’t last too long but it definitely made a BIG impact. If this look is to return in the mainstream, it would be sad to say the least. Rock stars can get away with it but you will probably bust out laughing if you run into one of your friends (or some other Wanna-Be acquaintance) in a denim onesie. You know Rihanna- she’s a Badass Rebel and doesn’t care what anyone thinks! That’s what it’s gonna take to rock this look. VERDICT: Please Don’t!

Citizens of Humanity Quincy Overalls- $297!!



THE WIDE BRIMMED HAT- Hats are cool and certain people look fab in a hat. This trend is picking up speed with Hipsters and Boho girls but what works in an editorial page or styled for a blog may NOT work in real life. With Great Hat Comes Great Responsibility – wearing one may not be so comfy when you go out and about. It is a refreshing look after over a year of nothing but beanies but I hope it doesn’t get to the point where we see it everywhere. Don’t forget- underneath a hat is Hat Hair so think twice. Gotta say though, seeing Pharrel in his Smokey the Bear Hat at The Grammys made me smile. If you are that cool,you can get away with it but honestly….who is as cool as Pharrell ?  How about my very stylish 16 year old Daughter! She is a Hat Girl- she looks good in ANY hat. She recently got a cool one at Forever 21 for $5…she looks awesome in it. VERDICT: Do it if it’s your look.

The always fabulous Miranda Kerr in Rag & Bone


I’m having fun talking about this stuff but honestly, fashion comes down to YOU expressing who YOU are. If you LOVE one or all of these things and you feel great wearing them then go for it. Gotta love the quirky ones and the risk takers….without them, we’d all be terminally bored!

Happy 2014! Love to you ALL this Valentine’s Day,






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MEDITATION- The Ultimate Challenge of Shutting The Hell Up…Let’s Do This !


We live in a noisy, busy world. No matter how one tries to find peace, there will always be distractions, explosions and emotions that make it hard to just take a moment and be calm. I’ve told you before that I am part of a large, blended family. I have a Husband, a Husky, 2-step children that live with us week-on/week-off, and 2 children of my own that I travel for and that also come down with me on my weekends. When it’s a “Kid Weekend”, there are 6 of us in the house at once….and this is NOT a big house. It’s not completely chaotic but it takes patience and love to live together. It’s just that….well…you know when you need something else just for YOU, to help hold your sanity. What’s left of it anyway!

I have been realizing for a long time now that I need to find some “Inner Peace” for myself. It won’t just happen by accident, I must grab it with both hands and hold on for dear life. I have wanted to get into Meditation now for about 2 years…but it’s HARD!!  To be able to sit and be still- physically AND mentally- always seemed like a nearly unattainable goal. My brain is ALWAYS going…how do you stop it? How do you find a way to center yourself in the stillness and just be?  I have wished for it but I have always felt like a kid who wants a toy that she can’t afford, my nose pressed against the window that features blissful peace on the other side…but I am unable to actually get in there and get it for myself.

SO…….Last month, I received an email invitation to Jon Gabriel’s 21 –Day Meditation Challenge. I had not heard of him before but access to the meditations was FREE and they only took about 10 minutes each. I figured that I would be able to do that! I figured it would be a great place to start ! I read his story and it is a pretty incredible story. Jon has helped many, many people- primarily with weight loss and emotional eating. The testimonies were amazing too, completely inspiring. I started about 2-3 days into it but it didn’t matter….the benefit I felt was immediate and profound. I LOVED the visualizations and the affirmations. It DID make a difference, even if it was a quick 10 minutes. I did feel really good and the affirmations were spot-on for anyone trying to feel positive and healthy. I am very much into health and fitness and doing all I can at this point in my life to take GOOD care of myself. Jon says that it’s a “21-Day” Meditation because it takes that amount of time to form a “Habit” and by then end, I really did feel as though I had a “Habit” that I desperately wanted to keep.

Please check out Jon’s website and see for yourself: http://www.thegabrielmethod.com/about-jon-gabriel

Having proved to myself that I could in fact actually “Meditate”…..even though I wasn’t completely “under” the way some describe…I wanted more. I knew that feeling a little lighter, a little more peaceful and a little more calm was a big step. I wanted to continue in the same vein: a daily practice that would become part of my life, regardless of where I am or what else is happening around me. I started looking online and checking out the available downloads and CDs.I hadn’t really found anything that grabbed me and I knew the clock was ticking….I wanted to start again with a DAILY meditation that felt right for me.

As I always say: When you are READY- what you truly desire appears !  The other day, I received another email invitation- this time from one of my favorite Teachers….the BIG man himself: Deepak Chopra ! Have you read “ Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” ?? It should be required reading in life.


Anyway, Deepak has gotten together with Oprah and they have a “21-Day Meditation Experience- Desire & Destiny”. These daily meditations are about 20 minutes and feature a Sanskrit Mantra and a “Centering Thought”. They are FREE and anyone can join in. Another plus: they keep each daily meditation live for 5 days, that way, if you miss one or fall behind- they are still available.

I have just started and so far, it’s been great to be back into it. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to give Meditation a try or for those that already practice.

Please join me !, here is the link:


I will check in with you in a bit and let you know how it’s going for me. Please feel free to recommend any great Meditation Practices, Downloads or CDs that have worked for you.

Namaste, (yes…I really did say that!! Heeheheeheeee!),


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What Is That Coming Out Of Your Mouth ? Is That Supposed To Be English ?

Knowledge is Power- Intelligence AND Knowledge is Divine! Listening to people speak these days can sometimes be horrifying !

Knowing how to speak your own damn language seems to be all but obsolete in today’s world.Being articulate and well-spoken is no longer valued in a world where we send text messages that consist entirely of abbreviations and where our innermost thoughts must be limited to 40 characters or less.

Yes..I admit it. I am a Spelling and Grammar Geek. I can’t help myself…hearing and seeing people butcher the English language is excruciating to me, like fingernails on a blackboard…SCREEEEEECH!!

I freely admit that I write all my text messages in long form- I can’t help it!  It screws me up to try to abbreviate everything and I honestly prefer to write it all out,then go back through and make sure I’ve spelled everything correctly. Even though it happens, one typo or spelling mistake makes me groan. Auto-Correct can drive you crazy too…”No, I did NOT mean that word!”  I know…I know..GEEEEK!

When I hear certain phrases that are prevalent in today’s vernacular, I groan some more. It’s not that they are necessarily BAD or offensive. I just don’t understand why any self respecting person would choose to sound dumb, or as though they don’t know any better. If you’re going for the laugh- great…that means you KNOW the difference-otherwise it’s just sad.

 Here are some prime examples of things I hear nearly every day that drive me NUTS:

“Your guys’s” – pronounced “yer guyzes” as in “I love yer guyzes house!” Really?? Where the hell did “guyzes” ever come from ? Why would you add the “zes” ?! As for the “yer”… I guess it’s just so bad that once it’s out of your mouth, you might as well just go ahead and make a whole phrase that makes you look like a complete bonehead. The funny thing is that all one needs to say is “I love your house”. That’s it! Easy!!

“Through Back Thursday”- this is often found in clueless people’s Facebook or Instagram posts. HEY!!  It’s a completely different word, People!! Do we not know the difference between “Throw” and “Through” ?? If not, Dictionary.com can help!

And then there’s my All-Time Champion. So utterly prevalent in today’s vernacular that I hear it everywhere, many times per day…..brace yourself !

“Where are you AT?”

AAAGGGHHH!!!! Why did this one simple question take over America and become accepted? When did some fool tack an “at” on the end of that sentence? I hear educated, otherwise intelligent people say this and it kills me a little inside. I just don’t understand why one would say it and why, if one heard it, would one continue to use it to the point that it has swept across the country and become part of our lives.

This is one of my all-time favorite Birthday cards



HAAHAAA!!  Good one, right ? Yes…I realize that if I were having that conversation, I would be that bitch- who no doubt, would get herself promptly uninvited for having the nerve to correct a friend’s grammar in a casual setting.

You don’t need to have decades of higher learning or an Ivy League education to simply speak correctly and use proper grammar in every day life. It’s not stuck-up or snobby to know that the words coming out of your mouth are the right ones. I have seen seasoned News Anchors say things that make my head spin and I always think to myself: “Is there no one in the booth that corrects them??… Do they ever hear themselves and think “People all across the country are listening to me…how did THAT come out of my mouth?” I do hope so but at the same time, I realize that certain things are now accepted. Personality and looks have taken over to the point where no one cares if that person sounds like a moron or not…and hey!…most people wouldn’t catch the mistake anyway. If you are speaking to millions of us, giving us the Breaking News- it should be your responsibility to make sure you are presenting yourself as a trusted, qualified person that takes the time and trouble to know the language. Cronkite would have never said “Thanks for letting me in yer guyzes homes every night”.

I know we ALL make mistakes and it’s easy for dumb stuff to come tumbling out our mouths when we are chatting. I’m the first to go for the laugh and crack jokes or say things in a silly way. I’m actually a total goof ball most of the time.That’s NOT what I’m talking about here. I just think it’s important to stop and remember that it doesn’t take much to know what words to choose, how to spell them, what forms they take and how you sound when you speak AND when you write. Especially so if you are young and hope to make a good impression. If you are going out for a job or internship- please take the time to put your best self forward and start with your mouth!

Here’s a great chart I found on Facebook


Please folks- DON’T order an”expresso”….DON’T “ax” for permission….and DON’T tell people you need to go to the “lybery” to study.

Is there something that people say that drives YOU nuts??  I’d love to hear about it and then we can all groan together !

Happy Fall,



Is Visualizing Your Future Enough? – Do You Believe It ?



We all know how important it is to visualize what we want to materialize for ourselves for the future. We have seen the videos and read the books on making sure that your vision of what you want for yourself is clear and precise. Some even go so far as to tell you that you must create a Vision Board or collect images of the things you want to materialize in your life. You can watch “The Secret” a million times and feel that positive “ I can be that!!” energy flowing through you. It’s all inspiring and wonderful and blah, blah, blah !  BUT there’s  a huge part of it that I believe will sometimes be missed by even the most well-intentioned.  Can you see YOURSELF in that future AND can you believe it ?

I think that when people start to set about creating the life that is desired, they think of circumstances or objects appearing. A new job, love, money , a new home, a new car…. How many can actually see and believe themselves in a new role? or do they believe it’s just a fantasy?  Seeing themselves actually living in that new life in a completely different way than they do now.  It just makes sense that if you are wishing for sweeping changes- it means that you will have to change too. For most people- therein lies The Rub. People hate to change, hate to change the way they think and the things they believe BUT how can change come otherwise ?? How will your desires manifest if you keep doing the same things , in the same way?. They can’t – they won’t and that’s why people give up.

For instance…let’s take ME !  Haaa!! Why Not ?? Cuz you know…everything I write here is inspired by what’s happening in my life. Sometimes I need a pep-talk and a much needed shove in the right direction for myself so here goes. I am a full-time Wife and Mother . I am CEO of my Household and that is a BIG job. I have 4 step-kids-only 2 are still living at home. I have 2 kids of my own. The kids at home aren’t really “kids” anymore… 2 – 19 year old boys in College but still living at home ( one is my husband’s son and one is mine) and 2 girls- 16 & 15 ½ ( again- 1 my husband’s and one mine) in High School. My husband has week on/week off custody.5 years ago,I met my Husband and decided to move about  100 miles South from where I lived before, where my ex still lives and where my kids go to school. During the school year, I stay 2 days per week up there and the weekends that they are with me are spent down here where I live now.  I have it down to a science and although it can be inconvenient at times, it’s what I had to do to stay with my children and yet live where I wanted to live with my new Husband. Aaahhh….what we do for LOVE ! What can I say?… it is what I wanted and I made it happen. It works for us and I am so blessed that I have children that were willing to be with me no matter what.

The next couple of years will bring changes and I will inevitably… one day….. eventually be an Empty Nester ( God Willing ! LOL) I think about what that will be like, how it will feel and what I will do with my time. Here’s the thing:I SEE myself as Wife/Mother/CEO of My Household. I’m great at that career- I have full confidence. I work my ass off and I always say- this is the job where you never clock out and you never get paid ( at least not in tangible currency!) In the near future, I will need a new role and this career will become obsolete. If I want a happy, fulfilling future, I MUST start SEEING myself as capable in a whole different life. I MUST define what that life is to be, start laying the groundwork NOW and visualize myself capable and great at whatever role I decide to take on.Then…I have to BELIEVE it! When I contemplate that in my highly organized, analytical Taurus mind- it all sounds doable. When I let the 3 AM Dooms take over- I imagine all sorts of scary scenarios where I am left adrift and left behind in a world that is fast paced and unkind to those who are a little more “mature”. Oh the Humanity !

It is imperative that we are able to SEE ourselves evolve into what we hope to be and it is imperative that we believe it. Some people are great at reinventing themselves and rising like The Phoenix. I realize that by the act of moving away from my former home and creating a new life in a new place- I’ve already done exactly that. It didn’t seem so brave at the time, it was more like: “There’s what I want and this is what I have to do to be there” . I was really ready to close a door and open a new one. Perhaps it will be that way again when the time comes. I just know that seeing myself in a new light and believing that I can be successful with a different focus is the key to it all. A true willingness to take on new challenges and goals is what it will take. 

If you are contemplating BIG moves and BIG changes, start seeing yourself in those roles. Be realistic but try to keep the fears in check. Be kind to yourself and give it time.  Most importantly- you gotta BELIEVE! 

It’s your automatic first response that matters. It’s what’s on your heart. Think of yourself in whatever role you hope to attain. Is the very first, unedited thought that comes to your mind one of the following?:

No…that’s crazy!

We’ll maybe one day- after I finish school, get married,move out, insert any excuse here

My boyfriend, wife, parents or friends would flip out!

No way- that will cost money!

Wow…..I will have to CHANGE EVERYTHING !! 

I know that I have done that- there were times in my life that I did only that. I have begun to acknowledge and STOP every time I do this now and reboot my attitude. It’s hard but I think realizing what your thoughts contain, acknowledging them and then being able to take a moment to change them are the most important steps to take to bring about a transition. If you know what you want- and that is THE most important thing- then you must realize that only YOU can draw it to you.


Take a day to stand back and take inventory of your thoughts. Analyze, don’t’ beat yourself up and change them if necessary.  Let me know if any of you are thinking along these lines and if you are really believing that you can reach your goals. We are all so hopelessly, irrevocably human but there is hope for every one of us and our very own minds hold the key.

It’s like my favorite, Bad Ass President said:

“All the resources we need are in the mind”- Theodore Roosevelt

Ain’t it the truth !!

Thanks for your precious time,




The WordPress Family Award!! I’m So Freakin’ Excited !!


I was totally floored to get a nomination for this blog!! I am fairly new to it- not to writing but to blogging. I am still navigating around and finding the time to read other blogs and write as much as I would like isn’t always easy. I have to be inspired and when I am…my poor fingers have a hell of a time keeping up with my brain!. I don’t want to just blah, blah blah….I want to be relevant, inspiring and hopeful. I try to deal with the things that I am experiencing at that moment. I believe everything is channeled from The Source. For me and really for everyone I think,  it’s a matter of timing- you really need to hear something and it will appear in whatever form captures your attention. There are no coincidences.

We are here to learn and grow. We are here to love each other. We are here to be good stewards of this earth and it’s creatures. Whatever your path may be- you are important. Whatever your gifts may be- they need to be shared. The feeling you get when you truly help or inspire someone is incomparable. It can be a big thing or it can be very small. Every way you touch someone matters.

I have big dreams and plans. Like everyone else, sometimes I let “life” get in my way. Shit happens and you can get negative, upset, angry, ambivalent and sometimes you just go blank. I know that I will get to the point where I am very consistent and focused with my writing. I know that I will grow this blog and I want to introduce other topics and interests to the content. I would like to publish a book. Do you all have those same ambitions ?? Probably so and that’s what makes this community so cool !

I have read some amazing blogs here and I am inspired and in awe of the talent I’ve seen. I love the sense of community and how kind and supportive people are. I want to thank EVERYONE who reads my stuff. I want to thank the sweet person that nominated me, Cheryl-Lynn, please check out her incredible blog:

Stigma Hurts Everyone http://stigmahurtseveryone.wordpress.com/

I am honored and so happy !!   Here goes !!

Where did this Word Press Family Award start and when?

This is an award for everyone who is part of the “Word Press Family” I start this award on the basis that the Word Press family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only WordPress can. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here. I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my award, as many have done before. This represents “Family” we never meet, but are there for us as family. It is my honour to start this award Thank you, Shaun @http://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com.

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love

Here’s my 10, in no particular order. They are ALL wonderful:

A Spiritual Journey http://starrystez.com/

The Better Man Project http://thebettermanprojects.com/

Strawberryquicksand http://strawberryquicksand.wordpress.com/

Hiking Photography-Patrick Latter http://www.hikingphoto.com/

Energy Therapies http://energytherapies.wordpress.com/

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Opinionated Man http://aopinionatedman.com/

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Scribbles Of A Geek http://hjstreet.wordpress.com/

Congratulations!  AND don’t forget….being here makes us ALL Winners !



Hey America !! WTF is Wrong With You ??


Ignorance, Racism and Hatred is this country are completely out of control. Now we hear that Marc Anthony is having to endure all three because he dared to sing “God Bless America” at the All Star Game. Marc was born and raised in New York City and is of Puerto Rican ( DUH-a territory of the US) descent. WTF people ??? I saw some of the tweets from a few racist morons on the news- well….the ones that they could show because most were “too offensive” to put on air. Let’s just all take a moment and STOP. “Americans” need to quit judging, profiling and spewing hatred to anyone that they personally and often ignorantly deem NOT an “American”. If you agree, feel free to Like, Reblog or even just talk about it. To Marc Anthony- I personally apologize for the incredible ignorance that your fellow Americans seem to be so proud of.

If you missed this story- here are some of the actual tweets:


Have a great weekend,



Healing with Tapping or EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique – I tried it…WOW!!


As hard as we try to get over past hurts and trials, there are always some residual feelings that can cause discomfort in our present day lives. You can say “I’m over it” but are you really?. Sometimes we believe  a “strong” mind that is capable of healing and moving on is enough but what happens within our bodies to past traumas and emotional difficulties is something else. For a while, I noticed that my body, even though healthy and strong, was having issues. I felt like my energy was “blocked”, I was tense in my gut and my abdomen was always swollen and tight. Oh yes!…I am one of those “strong” types- always getting “over it” and moving on! Even so, I was internally anxious and I could tell that even though I work out relentlessly and eat clean most of the time, I looked and felt “heavier” than I should. My intuition had been telling me that it wasn’t lifestyle- it was emotional and spiritual and upon considering this, I decided to turn my energy to seeking a solution. Of course, whenever one truly seeks help…help will soon be on the way.

Things will appear when you are open to receiving them. Seemingly out of nowhere, I found help that has really surprised and enlightened me. I had heard of “Tapping” or EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique before but didn’t really know what it is or exactly how it is used.  I got an email that mentioned it and contained a link with detailed information and a simple video demonstration. It was made clear that it can apply to any one that is looking to stop negative reactions in the body to past traumas. So I’m sitting there at my laptop, after eating breakfast and decided right then and there to give it a shot and follow along with the video.

WOW…I was completely and utterly shocked by the reaction that I had to my “session” of two rounds of EFT. It only took a few minutes and it was easy BUT I had an immediate reaction and release. Just afterwards, I had a flashback to an emotionally traumatic event (although it was nothing bad that happened “physically’ to me in any way) that happened to me when I was about 5 years old. I had a vivid memory that popped into my brain and I started to cry. I mean…I was standing there, in my kitchen and freaking SOBBING and this was something that I hadn’t thought of in YEARS. I don’t think I ever realized the magnitude of the hurt I felt at 5 years old to this one, seemingly insignificant event. It was one day, one thing that happened and yet here I was, decades later… letting it GO. After a few minutes,  I stopped crying and I felt an incredible release and a weight lifted from me. Trust me, you carry the weight but don’t realize it’s there or how heavy it is until it leaves you.

I have been following the advice given and am practicing EFT a few times a day, about ANYTHING that stresses me out or makes me feel anxiety. I feel better inside, my body is a lot less tense and tight and the swelling around my abdomen seems to be less. I strongly recommend it as a way to manage stress and begin a healing process. Obviously, if you have gone through something truly terrible or have been abused in any way, you should seek professional help if you can. This is simply an option and you can see if it works for you quite quickly.

 I find that EFT is a great way to get in touch with your emotions and “heal thyself”. You must be willing to be honest and go to places within that may be uncomfortable and still love and accept yourself regardless of what you may find. That’s the hardest part isn’t it ? Loving and accepting ourselves- that hardest yet most important thing we can do.

Here is the link that I used:


I want to say Thank You to Mercola.com for the great website!

Give it a shot and let me know if it helps you too.

Have a wonderful Summer,