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Fierce Bitches Don’t Whine About Birthdays ! OR Gifts That Keep On Giving

On the 1st Day of May, I turned 48. I had been getting myself used to that fact by saying it in my head for the past few months.. “ I’m 48”. Getting older doesn’t really bother me and I’ve never lied about my age to anyone ( much to my Mother’s dismay). I have […]

The Power of YES

It’s funny how we are always at war with ourselves.  We decide on doing even the simplest of tasks by debating our own brains before we can just plain get down to actually doing it. If you believe what many Gurus, Motivational Speakers and Life Coach-types say,  the “Secret” is simply making up your mind […]

Till Alternate Circumstances Do Us Part

  Last night, President Obama told the Nation that he believes gay couples should be allowed to get married. As I listened to him, he seemed logical, calm and as though he had suddenly discovered a simple truth that really wasn’t all that difficult to fathom. The news programs were buzzing, people on the street […]

The Human Cannonball Effect

It’s Not Him, Her or Them- it’s YOU   Every day we wake up and get ready to face our day, handle our work or tasks and deal with the people in our lives.  We have those people that we adore being around, those people that we barely tolerate and many in between.  As humans, […]

Don’t be a Human Cannonball !!

Don't be a Human Cannonball !!

The Reason For The Name

“Fierce Bitch”……it may sound a little scary to you. It may conjure up images of some mean woman that has contempt for most members of the human race. You may even think of someone you know- someone you know and do NOT like. I am here to forever change your opinion of the term. Not […]

Hello world!

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