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The Power of YES


It’s funny how we are always at war with ourselves.  We decide on doing even the simplest of tasks by debating our own brains before we can just plain get down to actually doing it. If you believe what many Gurus, Motivational Speakers and Life Coach-types say,  the “Secret” is simply making up your mind and believing that your desires will manifest immediately- just be your own Yoda!. They smile at you from seemingly perfect, rich, fulfilled lives- everything just falls into place as unicorns dance in the background. I know…they make you wanna puke.

The thing is…it is true BUT it’s true on the scale that you decide it to be true. The power of simply saying “YES” to what you want is within your grasp. Problem is we get bogged down with the crap in our lives that sucks the life out of us. We are tired, we are struggling, we are discouraged and those days where the positive vibes are flowing freely and the birds are singing just for you are few and far between.  Think about it honestly and you will soon realize that you are your own worst Hater.

Looking back, I have had so many great opportunities fall away because I couldn’t pull the trigger. You know those times- something great pops up out of nowhere and your first thought is “oh…I couldn’t do that!”. This is inevitably followed by the so-called “reasons” that YOU cannot do it. Excuses, excuses, excuses!   but you tell yourself that you are just being safe or smart or logical. You know your limitations and there’s NO WAY -you will NOT be making a fool of yourself, Thank You!. Maybe it’s that classic : “Whenever I’ve tried things before, it never worked out and then I ended up right back where I started”. It could also be the convenience factor- you would have to make a BIG change and you are comfortable if not exactly happy. The thought of your whole routine somehow changing drastically brings a resounding “GEEZ!!  I can’t do that !!”

Have you spent all or most of your life being that person, saying that stuff to yourself and believing it? You are not alone, we all have but that doesn’t have to be the end of your story.

Fierce Solution:

It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed before, if things didn’t work out or you didn’t have the courage. You are what you decide to be TODAY. Everything led you here- right here, at this moment. What was the point? The point is that you are being given another chance. That chance is here- NOW…..just for you. It’s time so pull a Nike:  Just Do It.

When you are faced with the choice of doing something you really want to do or carrying on with the Same-Shit/Different Day, take a moment to really think “is this truly what I want”.  The MOST important thing you can do for yourself is to define what it really is that you want. Be honest, cut the crap and throw out what other people want for you – is it what YOU want ?. Come on people…..I’m NOT talking about something that is going to hurt others , screw someone over for revenge purposes or mess with someone’s mind. If you really are a Fierce Bitch-you know those things are for the weak and clueless. YOU KNOW right from wrong -so don’t even pretend that you don’t.  Just be still and really feel what is in your heart. If you have decided with certainty that it’s the best thing say “Yes” with complete conviction and feel it resonate through your body. It’s a very powerful feeling. It is sure and believe me – it is swift. 

Get into the habit of putting this into practice with the little things and then you will feel the courage to tackle the BIG things. I have been doing this for a while now and have seen the happy changes that it brings. Apply to the areas in your life that require discipline like eating better, working out or getting more organized. Apply it to receiving a raise or better position in your career.  Apply it to the desire for material things that you talk yourself out of because deep down you feel you might not deserve it or others might be offended  to see you with something they cannot have.  Apply it to love and relationships. If your heart is closed , love cannot get through. Just whisper “Yes” in your mind, really feel it and sit back and watch. You WILL have the things you desire. You are FIERCE…so why not ???

One thing  that ties in with all of this is the importance of being grateful. Express your gratitude for the biggest down to the smallest of all that you have. If you love where you live, drive down your street whisper “Yes” and give thanks. If you are in a great place with your relationship, whisper “Yes” inside when the moments are sweet and give thanks. Do you drive the car you’ve always wanted- say it !  . Are you really proud of your kids ? – say it !!. Have you worked out or made a change to your lifestyle for your health and seen it work- say it !!!.  Even the smallest things that you consider a blessing should be acknowledged – DO IT !….“YES!”  

Can you feel the Fierceness flowing through your veins?  Awwww…I knew you could.

 Love and Light !   ( Haahaaa!  Just kidding- that shit makes me wanna puke too !!)



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