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Fashion….are you Fierce or yet another Victim ?

I refuse to be a Fashion Victim. I refuse to pay $150 for a t-shirt just because it’s from a “hot” designer. I refuse to pay $300 for jeans that look exactly like the ones at Forever 21 that sell for $10.50…and yet I LOVE FASHION.
I believe in Fashion- I love Fashion and I mean I really LOVE clothes, accessories, coats, sweaters, shoes, boots, jewelry…ALL of it.
There is one major thing that Recession-Era Shopping has taught me: if you have an eye and the willingness to do the legwork to find the look you desire, you can have anything you want. This is because EVERYTHING is EVERYWHERE. Fashion follows the herd- if you see a high priced look from a designer, rest assured it has already been knocked off before the email or catalogue containing that look has been sent.
The key is to have an eye for quality. Just because something is expensive does not mean it’s made well or that the materials are top notch. On the flip side, cheap is usually cheap but sometimes cheap can look just as good -if not the same- as a higher priced version. You have to really check something out and make a decision based on what you will be using it for and how much use you plan to actually get out of it. If you are going for a one-season trend- stick with cheap cuz you’ll be donating it by the same time next year.
When it comes to the Real Deal- which I define as: Luxury Brand, Expensive Classics-it is true that some are worth the investment. I have the iconic black quilted Chanel bag that I bought at that wonderful(and unfortunately long-defunct)Dept. Store, I Magnin in the mid-90’s. I paid about $795 for it. I keep it in its dust bag, in its box when it’s not in use therefore, it’s still in perfect condition. I get people drooling over it all the time and I freely admit that I have always LOVED to carry it. You really do feel just that much more special with that bag slung over your shoulder. Recently, Gilt Group had a sale on Vintage Chanel and when I looked for my bag, I found it – for $3300. I don’t plan to EVER sell it and I always planned to carry it until they put me in the ground but it’s wonderful to know that it’s worth so much more now and will only continue to appreciate in value. It will ALWAYS be in style and look good with everything…SCORE !
To be a Fierce Bitch with fashion, here are some tips:

Be smart, look around, develop a quick eye for quality and most of all- wear what works for YOU. It doesn’t matter how fabulous it is if you end up looking like a freak in it. Personal style should be unique and distinctive but know who YOU are. Walking around like you are about to go onstage with Cirque Du Soleil works for Lady Gaga. If YOU are a semi-normal human, it’s probably NOT for you. There are some that pull it off- those women that you see on the pages of Vogue at some soiree in the freakiest outfits and are hailed as “Style Icons”. To own it and have the guts to work it no matter what is only for fiercest women with the biggest nads. You gotta give it to them, they do have that charisma. Wouldn’t it be truly wonderful to just express yourself completely, totally immune to what the world at large thought of you? It’s only for the privileged few- go for it only if you dare !

Another thing, it’s most important to be honest with yourself. If you have to ask if you look fat in something then you already know the answer is YES!
I was able to score this week !  I am going to my Mother-In-Law’s 80th Birthday party this weekend. I got a gorgeous chiffon dress at Anthropologie (drool!) for $69.00 – original price $250. On the way out of the mall, I cruised through Target. I found a perfect pair of classic pumps in the same exact shade of yellow that’s in the dress: $20 (30% off !!) I added a great pair of chandelier earrings, already in my collection, from Forever 21 AND a vintage Judith Leiber clutch that my Mommy gave me from a thrift store. It all worked and it was perfect for the occasion. Yes… I am a Professional and I truly enjoy the game.

In case you are wondering, the photo above is of a few of the vintage bags that I own and LOVE: The aforementioned Chanel, a little Gucci from the early 80’s, a fabulous Dooney & Bourke that I bought in the 90”s and that Judith Leiber. Fierce !

Have fun Fall Shopping !



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