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Success and YOU- Did You Sign The Slip ??

  I once went to a session with a Life Coach. I was working for a friend who insisted that all of us in the office go and see this woman, who was also her client. It would be good for us, she said AND it would be great for me in particular as I […]

MEAN Is The New Black

Have you noticed the preponderance of meanness these days? WHY Y’all wanna be so MEAN? It seems everyone thoroughly enjoys just plain being mean to people. It’s become like a new sport or the cool new trend-I’m talkin’ snotty teenager-bad attitude-let’s hurt someone on purpose MEAN. Gotta say…I don’t like it. Even though we ALL […]

Howz About A Nice, Steaming Cup of HOPE ?

First: Get out of your own way I love to read and I read all kinds of things about everything. A man I dated once told me:      “You know stuff !” I was flattered and if that’s true it’s because I read stuff. I am not much for Fiction- I usually prefer to […]

Are you a Fierce Bitch or are you just BITCHING ?

    You have some time to yourself so you decide to log on to your favorite social media site. You look forward to seeing what your friends are up to, checking out your single friend’s funny pictures and your married friend’s “adorable” pictures of their children. You may even have something great to post […]