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Howz About A Nice, Steaming Cup of HOPE ?


First: Get out of your own way

I love to read and I read all kinds of things about everything. A man I dated once told me:      “You know stuff !” I was flattered and if that’s true it’s because I read stuff. I am not much for Fiction- I usually prefer to read Biographies and especially Autobiographies because I find people’s stories fascinating. Everyone has an interesting life. We all have peaks and valleys and when someone has a whole lot of valleys and even just a few great peaks, it’s inspiring.We learn a lot about ourselves by learning about others. 

A common thread is the fact that we as humans can be so smart about “things” and yet so dumb about our own selves. We see things too late and put ourselves through painful scenarios which turn to painful learning processes which can turn to helpful instruction for anyone willing to listen.Hopefully,our personal trials and triumphs can teach a little something to someone who needs it and then they can apply it to their own lives. That’s optimistic, I know and in reality human beings will be human beings and sometimes you just can’t tell a thing to that person who really needs to hear it. 

You must be ready to live the life that you desire. You must be willing to make whatever changes are necessary and you must be HONEST with yourself. Most of all you must be willing to get out of your own way to be the person you know you can be. Think….what is holding you here in this place you are now ? Is it because you truly desire this current life or is it because you won’t move your ass to the the next cycle ?  Are you crying and complaining but refusing to change a thing ?. You are NOT alone and we have all done it, sometimes on a small scale and sometimes it’s HUGE.

Fierce Solution:

Make a list- on paper or just in your head. List the things you really want to do- REALLY want to do. Now make a list of why you feel you are not doing those things. Now look at that list. Are these things excuses ?  Are they changeable but inconvenient ?  Would you offend or make others uncomfortable by changing them ? Are you just simply afraid ?? 

Whatever is keeping you from being what you dream of being can be removed. It is not impossible- look at all the people that have overcome seriously impossible odds to get to where they wanted to be. Pick up a book or magazine or watch a movie about someone that inspires you and use that hope for yourself. 

Get out of your own way and let things start to happen. You can’t be Fierce by being complacent, apathetic or a victim. You CAN be Fierce by knowing yourself- for better AND for worse- and moving ahead anyway. One little life-affirming step can set you in motion and put you on course to going exactly where you want to be. 

This week the topic on everyone’s hearts and minds is the story of those 3 girls in Cleveland. Kidnapped, imprisoned, raped and tortured. Can you even imagine 10 years of that? These were young girls when they were taken, just living their lives and then suddenly  they are living a horror movie. Can you imagine what it took for Amanda Berry to escape that day? The courage it took and the knowledge that she could be tortured further or even killed for taking the steps to save her life, the lives of the other girls and her own daughter. They will now have to find a way to begin living a real life again…and I’m sure every second will seem precious to all of them.

In spite of ANY thing in this life that happens, you can be sure of this: the Human Spirit never gives up- there is ALWAYS hope and you are as resilient and courageous as you need to be. The decision is yours. Be patient- your dreams will come true but you gotta pull a Nike- JUST DO IT !

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL you Moms !

Much love to everyone,



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