Success and YOU- Did You Sign The Slip ??



I once went to a session with a Life Coach. I was working for a friend who insisted that all of us in the office go and see this woman, who was also her client. It would be good for us, she said AND it would be great for me in particular as I was going through a bad divorce at the time. My friend is one of the kindest souls I know ,one of those people that goes above and beyond for everyone. With this in mind, I reluctantly prepared myself for what would surely be a more than slightly uncomfortable time. 

The session turned out to not only be the people from our office, but several people of different types with different types of lives and careers. One in particular stands out to this day. A woman had been a model and was starting to branch out into the world of fashion design. She talked about her life, her insecurities, her goals and her marriage. She made it clear that in spite of her ambitions, her Husband wasn’t really on board with all that she was doing and she was desperately trying to get focused and push through despite his unsupportive attitude. At the time, I thought “good luck with that !” . She seemed insecure and not real strong. Oh how WRONG I was ! 

A few years later, I began hearing her name. Turns out she has become one of the biggest names we have in designer fashion. She was able to process all the things she talked about and come out the other end widely successful. YAAAY !! Don’t you just love those stories ?

I was thinking about it and I realized that being successful hinges on your ability to give yourself permission to do so. You have to put everything aside, believe in your vision, ignore your haters, deal with your loved one’s opinions and keep going until you get there. Easier said than done but it CAN be done. I now know that even though that was 10 years ago, I was there that day to learn that lesson and somehow use it in my own life when I became ready.

When you think of an opportunity or a vision for your life that you would like to materialize, do you have a sure feeling inside with no hesitation ? OR do you feel yourself stepping on what I like to call the “Emotional Brakes”…A feeling of fear, uncertainty and hesitation that keeps you from hearing and feeling a big “YES'” inside. 

It’s hard sometimes, but you must give yourself permission to move forward in life. Whether it be professional or personal, you must be sure and you must know in your heart that you are ready to create what it is you want. It may bring change- BIG change- but you are ready. If you were not, the goal would not be there in your mind and heart in the first place. 

Be kind to yourself and give yourself time. Work hard and your goals will be there for you, waiting with open arms.

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!


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  1. nice blog! looking forward for new posts!

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