Your Goals and Desires-The Movies in Your Head vs. Reality


One night while watching TV, I heard one of the most profound lines ever uttered about life.The character was a successful woman that seemed to have everything and yet that wasn’t the case at all. Upon telling the truth about her situation, she gave some advice: “Stop thinking that it’s going to look like what you think it’s going to look like”. WOW….think about that for a second. We make plans and talk about the future all the time and when we entertain those thoughts, we picture whole scenarios and things play out as though we are watching a lovely, exciting film starring us at our very best. Now think….when and if these plans ever actually materialize, do they EVER look and sound EXACTLY like you imagined ?? Maybe a few scenes have been left on the cutting room floor…

Sometimes, things do work out according to plan and that’s a beautiful thing but most of the time, we get a slightly altered version. Something similar but not EXACTLY what we pictured. We may have left significant parts out and there’s more to the story than we bargained for. I’ve said it before- attitude is everything ! You can realize your dreams AND make room for all the little details and extras that come with them.

Planning for every single scenario is virtually impossible- life just doesn’t really work that way and yet visualizing what you want in life is such an important part of being successful. Having complete desire based on a definite goal is a guarantee that you will receive what you want. It has happened in my own life so many times that I know it’s something I can count on. That’s not to say that one can predict an absolute outcome or an absolute time that things will materialize. I just know that for me, the goal will come when it’s right ,when I am ready AND only if it’s what I truly, absolutely desire. I’ve also learned that there’s always a little more that accompanies the good stuff- a few side-dishes, if you will. I have learned to be grateful, even when I didn’t expect certain things that came with my entree!

I think it’s important to realize that we are here to learn, to grow and to give. I also think that when visualizing and planning your desire, it’s helpful to get into the habit of saying “And Then What?…”

If that dream comes true…..how will it affect all the big and little things in your life? How many other things may change because of it? Are you willing to experience change in other areas to make room for this new thing ? How far are you willing to go to make it a reality ? If it happens and isn’t quite what you thought it would be- can you handle that and still be grateful ?  I believe everything is connected and that everything is an opportunity-what you do with it is what truly matters.

As Humans, we can never be 100% sure of anything and Lord knows- SHIT HAPPENS. It’s just important to not think so much about “what it’s going to look like” and think more about what you are willing to accept in your life. I think one of the most important things to being happy is to get out of your own way. I’ve talked about this before and I’m working every day within my own life to get there. Finding the balance between dreaming big and accepting life is the key. 

I am a huge Dr. Wayne Dyer fan and I love to play his audio books when I am making my way through Southern California traffic.  Ya…gives me LOTS of time to listen and reflect!  I highly recommend his work, you will always enjoy the inspiration and the humor. I leave you with a great quote of Dr. Dyer’s :

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be”

Thanks for reading and considering!




2 comments on “Your Goals and Desires-The Movies in Your Head vs. Reality

  1. That is a great piece of advice. The best advice I have ever received, to this day, is “everyone has their own agenda”. Basically, everyone will do things they way THEY think they should be done, not the way YOU think they should be done, for any number of different reasons. Once I realised that, I became a much more relaxed and easy going person.

  2. Thank you Miss Strawberry! The advice you mentioned is just right on- Especially when you have a house full of teenagers ! LOL I just have to tell you that I read your blog about Horses earlier today and as a lifelong Equestrian and a parent of an Equestrian- it cracked me up! I have learned that you are either a Horse person or you are NOT -and your stories were great and hilarious. Loved the jokes at the end too and trust me….the plastic bag cartoon is TRUE !! ❤

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