Healing with Tapping or EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique – I tried it…WOW!!


As hard as we try to get over past hurts and trials, there are always some residual feelings that can cause discomfort in our present day lives. You can say “I’m over it” but are you really?. Sometimes we believe  a “strong” mind that is capable of healing and moving on is enough but what happens within our bodies to past traumas and emotional difficulties is something else. For a while, I noticed that my body, even though healthy and strong, was having issues. I felt like my energy was “blocked”, I was tense in my gut and my abdomen was always swollen and tight. Oh yes!…I am one of those “strong” types- always getting “over it” and moving on! Even so, I was internally anxious and I could tell that even though I work out relentlessly and eat clean most of the time, I looked and felt “heavier” than I should. My intuition had been telling me that it wasn’t lifestyle- it was emotional and spiritual and upon considering this, I decided to turn my energy to seeking a solution. Of course, whenever one truly seeks help…help will soon be on the way.

Things will appear when you are open to receiving them. Seemingly out of nowhere, I found help that has really surprised and enlightened me. I had heard of “Tapping” or EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique before but didn’t really know what it is or exactly how it is used.  I got an email that mentioned it and contained a link with detailed information and a simple video demonstration. It was made clear that it can apply to any one that is looking to stop negative reactions in the body to past traumas. So I’m sitting there at my laptop, after eating breakfast and decided right then and there to give it a shot and follow along with the video.

WOW…I was completely and utterly shocked by the reaction that I had to my “session” of two rounds of EFT. It only took a few minutes and it was easy BUT I had an immediate reaction and release. Just afterwards, I had a flashback to an emotionally traumatic event (although it was nothing bad that happened “physically’ to me in any way) that happened to me when I was about 5 years old. I had a vivid memory that popped into my brain and I started to cry. I mean…I was standing there, in my kitchen and freaking SOBBING and this was something that I hadn’t thought of in YEARS. I don’t think I ever realized the magnitude of the hurt I felt at 5 years old to this one, seemingly insignificant event. It was one day, one thing that happened and yet here I was, decades later… letting it GO. After a few minutes,  I stopped crying and I felt an incredible release and a weight lifted from me. Trust me, you carry the weight but don’t realize it’s there or how heavy it is until it leaves you.

I have been following the advice given and am practicing EFT a few times a day, about ANYTHING that stresses me out or makes me feel anxiety. I feel better inside, my body is a lot less tense and tight and the swelling around my abdomen seems to be less. I strongly recommend it as a way to manage stress and begin a healing process. Obviously, if you have gone through something truly terrible or have been abused in any way, you should seek professional help if you can. This is simply an option and you can see if it works for you quite quickly.

 I find that EFT is a great way to get in touch with your emotions and “heal thyself”. You must be willing to be honest and go to places within that may be uncomfortable and still love and accept yourself regardless of what you may find. That’s the hardest part isn’t it ? Loving and accepting ourselves- that hardest yet most important thing we can do.

Here is the link that I used:


I want to say Thank You to Mercola.com for the great website!

Give it a shot and let me know if it helps you too.

Have a wonderful Summer,



2 comments on “Healing with Tapping or EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique – I tried it…WOW!!

  1. Thanks Tim! It’s a very interesting thing and I’ve only just scratched the surface. Please feel free to share your own experience ❤

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