Hey America !! WTF is Wrong With You ??


Ignorance, Racism and Hatred is this country are completely out of control. Now we hear that Marc Anthony is having to endure all three because he dared to sing “God Bless America” at the All Star Game. Marc was born and raised in New York City and is of Puerto Rican ( DUH-a territory of the US) descent. WTF people ??? I saw some of the tweets from a few racist morons on the news- well….the ones that they could show because most were “too offensive” to put on air. Let’s just all take a moment and STOP. “Americans” need to quit judging, profiling and spewing hatred to anyone that they personally and often ignorantly deem NOT an “American”. If you agree, feel free to Like, Reblog or even just talk about it. To Marc Anthony- I personally apologize for the incredible ignorance that your fellow Americans seem to be so proud of.

If you missed this story- here are some of the actual tweets:


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2 comments on “Hey America !! WTF is Wrong With You ??

  1. Aw, that’s such a shame there were negative comments about his performance 😦 Hopefully these attitudes will change someday!

    • Yes… It is beyond shameful! I hate feeling negative about stuff like this and I am always hopeful that one day that kind of thinking will be obsolete. One thing is for sure…. Marc didn’t deserve that from his own Countrymen! PS: You have been doing great things lately ! Keep it up- such a pleasure to read your blog 😀

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