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What Is That Coming Out Of Your Mouth ? Is That Supposed To Be English ?

Knowledge is Power- Intelligence AND Knowledge is Divine! Listening to people speak these days can sometimes be horrifying !

Knowing how to speak your own damn language seems to be all but obsolete in today’s world.Being articulate and well-spoken is no longer valued in a world where we send text messages that consist entirely of abbreviations and where our innermost thoughts must be limited to 40 characters or less.

Yes..I admit it. I am a Spelling and Grammar Geek. I can’t help myself…hearing and seeing people butcher the English language is excruciating to me, like fingernails on a blackboard…SCREEEEEECH!!

I freely admit that I write all my text messages in long form- I can’t help it!  It screws me up to try to abbreviate everything and I honestly prefer to write it all out,then go back through and make sure I’ve spelled everything correctly. Even though it happens, one typo or spelling mistake makes me groan. Auto-Correct can drive you crazy too…”No, I did NOT mean that word!”  I know…I know..GEEEEK!

When I hear certain phrases that are prevalent in today’s vernacular, I groan some more. It’s not that they are necessarily BAD or offensive. I just don’t understand why any self respecting person would choose to sound dumb, or as though they don’t know any better. If you’re going for the laugh- great…that means you KNOW the difference-otherwise it’s just sad.

 Here are some prime examples of things I hear nearly every day that drive me NUTS:

“Your guys’s” – pronounced “yer guyzes” as in “I love yer guyzes house!” Really?? Where the hell did “guyzes” ever come from ? Why would you add the “zes” ?! As for the “yer”… I guess it’s just so bad that once it’s out of your mouth, you might as well just go ahead and make a whole phrase that makes you look like a complete bonehead. The funny thing is that all one needs to say is “I love your house”. That’s it! Easy!!

“Through Back Thursday”- this is often found in clueless people’s Facebook or Instagram posts. HEY!!  It’s a completely different word, People!! Do we not know the difference between “Throw” and “Through” ?? If not, Dictionary.com can help!

And then there’s my All-Time Champion. So utterly prevalent in today’s vernacular that I hear it everywhere, many times per day…..brace yourself !

“Where are you AT?”

AAAGGGHHH!!!! Why did this one simple question take over America and become accepted? When did some fool tack an “at” on the end of that sentence? I hear educated, otherwise intelligent people say this and it kills me a little inside. I just don’t understand why one would say it and why, if one heard it, would one continue to use it to the point that it has swept across the country and become part of our lives.

This is one of my all-time favorite Birthday cards



HAAHAAA!!  Good one, right ? Yes…I realize that if I were having that conversation, I would be that bitch- who no doubt, would get herself promptly uninvited for having the nerve to correct a friend’s grammar in a casual setting.

You don’t need to have decades of higher learning or an Ivy League education to simply speak correctly and use proper grammar in every day life. It’s not stuck-up or snobby to know that the words coming out of your mouth are the right ones. I have seen seasoned News Anchors say things that make my head spin and I always think to myself: “Is there no one in the booth that corrects them??… Do they ever hear themselves and think “People all across the country are listening to me…how did THAT come out of my mouth?” I do hope so but at the same time, I realize that certain things are now accepted. Personality and looks have taken over to the point where no one cares if that person sounds like a moron or not…and hey!…most people wouldn’t catch the mistake anyway. If you are speaking to millions of us, giving us the Breaking News- it should be your responsibility to make sure you are presenting yourself as a trusted, qualified person that takes the time and trouble to know the language. Cronkite would have never said “Thanks for letting me in yer guyzes homes every night”.

I know we ALL make mistakes and it’s easy for dumb stuff to come tumbling out our mouths when we are chatting. I’m the first to go for the laugh and crack jokes or say things in a silly way. I’m actually a total goof ball most of the time.That’s NOT what I’m talking about here. I just think it’s important to stop and remember that it doesn’t take much to know what words to choose, how to spell them, what forms they take and how you sound when you speak AND when you write. Especially so if you are young and hope to make a good impression. If you are going out for a job or internship- please take the time to put your best self forward and start with your mouth!

Here’s a great chart I found on Facebook


Please folks- DON’T order an”expresso”….DON’T “ax” for permission….and DON’T tell people you need to go to the “lybery” to study.

Is there something that people say that drives YOU nuts??  I’d love to hear about it and then we can all groan together !

Happy Fall,



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