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MEDITATION- The Ultimate Challenge of Shutting The Hell Up…Let’s Do This !


We live in a noisy, busy world. No matter how one tries to find peace, there will always be distractions, explosions and emotions that make it hard to just take a moment and be calm. I’ve told you before that I am part of a large, blended family. I have a Husband, a Husky, 2-step children that live with us week-on/week-off, and 2 children of my own that I travel for and that also come down with me on my weekends. When it’s a “Kid Weekend”, there are 6 of us in the house at once….and this is NOT a big house. It’s not completely chaotic but it takes patience and love to live together. It’s just that….well…you know when you need something else just for YOU, to help hold your sanity. What’s left of it anyway!

I have been realizing for a long time now that I need to find some “Inner Peace” for myself. It won’t just happen by accident, I must grab it with both hands and hold on for dear life. I have wanted to get into Meditation now for about 2 years…but it’s HARD!!  To be able to sit and be still- physically AND mentally- always seemed like a nearly unattainable goal. My brain is ALWAYS going…how do you stop it? How do you find a way to center yourself in the stillness and just be?  I have wished for it but I have always felt like a kid who wants a toy that she can’t afford, my nose pressed against the window that features blissful peace on the other side…but I am unable to actually get in there and get it for myself.

SO…….Last month, I received an email invitation to Jon Gabriel’s 21 –Day Meditation Challenge. I had not heard of him before but access to the meditations was FREE and they only took about 10 minutes each. I figured that I would be able to do that! I figured it would be a great place to start ! I read his story and it is a pretty incredible story. Jon has helped many, many people- primarily with weight loss and emotional eating. The testimonies were amazing too, completely inspiring. I started about 2-3 days into it but it didn’t matter….the benefit I felt was immediate and profound. I LOVED the visualizations and the affirmations. It DID make a difference, even if it was a quick 10 minutes. I did feel really good and the affirmations were spot-on for anyone trying to feel positive and healthy. I am very much into health and fitness and doing all I can at this point in my life to take GOOD care of myself. Jon says that it’s a “21-Day” Meditation because it takes that amount of time to form a “Habit” and by then end, I really did feel as though I had a “Habit” that I desperately wanted to keep.

Please check out Jon’s website and see for yourself: http://www.thegabrielmethod.com/about-jon-gabriel

Having proved to myself that I could in fact actually “Meditate”…..even though I wasn’t completely “under” the way some describe…I wanted more. I knew that feeling a little lighter, a little more peaceful and a little more calm was a big step. I wanted to continue in the same vein: a daily practice that would become part of my life, regardless of where I am or what else is happening around me. I started looking online and checking out the available downloads and CDs.I hadn’t really found anything that grabbed me and I knew the clock was ticking….I wanted to start again with a DAILY meditation that felt right for me.

As I always say: When you are READY- what you truly desire appears !  The other day, I received another email invitation- this time from one of my favorite Teachers….the BIG man himself: Deepak Chopra ! Have you read “ Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” ?? It should be required reading in life.


Anyway, Deepak has gotten together with Oprah and they have a “21-Day Meditation Experience- Desire & Destiny”. These daily meditations are about 20 minutes and feature a Sanskrit Mantra and a “Centering Thought”. They are FREE and anyone can join in. Another plus: they keep each daily meditation live for 5 days, that way, if you miss one or fall behind- they are still available.

I have just started and so far, it’s been great to be back into it. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to give Meditation a try or for those that already practice.

Please join me !, here is the link:


I will check in with you in a bit and let you know how it’s going for me. Please feel free to recommend any great Meditation Practices, Downloads or CDs that have worked for you.

Namaste, (yes…I really did say that!! Heeheheeheeee!),



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