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It is said that nothing is ever new in fashion- “Same Stuff/Different Decade”. I was checking out my favorite magazines lately and instead of seeing things I liked and would possibly plan to add to my wardrobe- I was frowning and muttering the words “Oh NO..”.

This does not bode well for 2014.When it comes to fashion, I’m usually an optimist but what I’m seeing lately is a rebirth in trends…BAD trends from the not distant enough past.

So let’s take a look at my personal Top 4 Fashion Don’ts That Do NOT Need To Make A Come Back:

MOM JEANS- Now this may elicit a laugh from you but they are seriously showing up on the pages of magazines and major fashion blogs. High-waisted, washed out, baggy-in-the-front-and-butt Mom Jeans. So what if they have been dressed up with cute tops, luxurious sweaters and pointy-toed pumps?? They are still simply horrifying. Unless your body is tall and straight up and down with no curves in sight, baggy jeans in any incarnation are NOT going to flatter you. Mom Jeans really don’t flatter ANY shape and isn’t that what jeans are supposed to do?. In recent years, the “Boyfriend Jean” has been so very popular but most of the time, seeing them on the average girl makes you cringe. The thought that we are really supposed to take Mom Jeans with a 16” zipper seriously as a new “look” makes me wonder if the Fashion Editors are just playing a practical joke to see who is Fashion Victim enough to walk off that cliff. VERDICT: Just say NO!

BDG The Mom Jean -$59


SCRUNCHIES- Really ?? If you are like me, you remember the Late 80’s/ Early 90’s and you did indeed have yourself a scrunchie or 5. You used it to either pull back the front half of your big hair or pull back ALL of your big hair. If it was a more “formal” event…you pulled out the BIG GUN- your Velvet Scrunchie. If you were there, you remember that black, hunter green, navy or burgundy velvet scrunchie. Close your eyes and picture it…ick!  Now it seems that the lovely Cressida Bonas- the pretty, blonde girlfriend of Prince Harry, has been seen sporting a scrunchie in her long, perfect beach waves. You know what happens when The Royals (or those dating one) show up in something different….a new trend!  Lawd help us if we see scrunchies in everyone’s hair this year, there will be gnashing of teeth and shaking of heads. VERDICT: You’ll be glad you didn’t.

Cressida, Harry & The Scrunchie


DENIM ONESIES & OVERALLS- Wow…this one has been taking over Celebrity Fashion for a few months now. It’s quite silly looking on grown women but certain It Girls of various ages have joined in. Gwen Stefani and Rihanna have been seen walking around in them with serious expressions and dark sunglasses – so you know they mean business.  Denim overalls were also big in the 90’s and I remember very well that most of LA-including myself- had to have this one particular brand of overalls. You saw them coming and going and even way back then, they were pretty pricey. Luckily, it didn’t last too long but it definitely made a BIG impact. If this look is to return in the mainstream, it would be sad to say the least. Rock stars can get away with it but you will probably bust out laughing if you run into one of your friends (or some other Wanna-Be acquaintance) in a denim onesie. You know Rihanna- she’s a Badass Rebel and doesn’t care what anyone thinks! That’s what it’s gonna take to rock this look. VERDICT: Please Don’t!

Citizens of Humanity Quincy Overalls- $297!!



THE WIDE BRIMMED HAT- Hats are cool and certain people look fab in a hat. This trend is picking up speed with Hipsters and Boho girls but what works in an editorial page or styled for a blog may NOT work in real life. With Great Hat Comes Great Responsibility – wearing one may not be so comfy when you go out and about. It is a refreshing look after over a year of nothing but beanies but I hope it doesn’t get to the point where we see it everywhere. Don’t forget- underneath a hat is Hat Hair so think twice. Gotta say though, seeing Pharrel in his Smokey the Bear Hat at The Grammys made me smile. If you are that cool,you can get away with it but honestly….who is as cool as Pharrell ?  How about my very stylish 16 year old Daughter! She is a Hat Girl- she looks good in ANY hat. She recently got a cool one at Forever 21 for $5…she looks awesome in it. VERDICT: Do it if it’s your look.

The always fabulous Miranda Kerr in Rag & Bone


I’m having fun talking about this stuff but honestly, fashion comes down to YOU expressing who YOU are. If you LOVE one or all of these things and you feel great wearing them then go for it. Gotta love the quirky ones and the risk takers….without them, we’d all be terminally bored!

Happy 2014! Love to you ALL this Valentine’s Day,







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