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It is said that nothing is ever new in fashion- “Same Stuff/Different Decade”. I was checking out my favorite magazines lately and instead of seeing things I liked and would possibly plan to add to my wardrobe- I was frowning and muttering the words “Oh NO..”. This does not bode well for 2014.When it comes […]

Success and YOU- Did You Sign The Slip ??

  I once went to a session with a Life Coach. I was working for a friend who insisted that all of us in the office go and see this woman, who was also her client. It would be good for us, she said AND it would be great for me in particular as I […]

Fashion: Retail Therapy: Why does it ALWAYS work ??

I was dealing with some emotionally draining family crap this week. You know how that is- sucks ! So I was coping with it one day by wandering listlessly through Loehman’s- one of those places that can sometimes be a virtual treasure chest of great stuff. I found a nice watch- ALL of my watches […]

Fashion: Bordeaux is NOT wine at my house !

Autumn is my favorite time of the year for fashion. I do love the others and if you are like me, when it’s time for the seasons to change I am all about moving on. There is just something special about Fall fashion and this year- it’s clear that we have many beautiful colors to […]

Fashion….are you Fierce or yet another Victim ?

I refuse to be a Fashion Victim. I refuse to pay $150 for a t-shirt just because it’s from a “hot” designer. I refuse to pay $300 for jeans that look exactly like the ones at Forever 21 that sell for $10.50…and yet I LOVE FASHION. I believe in Fashion- I love Fashion and I mean […]