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Is Visualizing Your Future Enough? – Do You Believe It ?

  We all know how important it is to visualize what we want to materialize for ourselves for the future. We have seen the videos and read the books on making sure that your vision of what you want for yourself is clear and precise. Some even go so far as to tell you that […]

Why NOT Being The Golden Child Can Be Your Best Hope

    We all have an ideal that we look up to and wish we could emulate. Sometimes it starts very early, we worshipped the kid in elementary school that seemed perfect and had all the good toys. When we are teenagers, we would give anything to have the perfect hair, the perfect body, the […]

Bye Bye Summer !

I took the rest of the Summer off and didn’t write a thing. Too much was going on with kids and schedules and there just wasn’t any time for introspective thinking or ironic commentary on life.  Even though it’s still August and technically Summer, the kids have been back to school for a couple of […]