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It is said that nothing is ever new in fashion- “Same Stuff/Different Decade”. I was checking out my favorite magazines lately and instead of seeing things I liked and would possibly plan to add to my wardrobe- I was frowning and muttering the words “Oh NO..”. This does not bode well for 2014.When it comes […]

Fashion: Retail Therapy: Why does it ALWAYS work ??

I was dealing with some emotionally draining family crap this week. You know how that is- sucks ! So I was coping with it one day by wandering listlessly through Loehman’s- one of those places that can sometimes be a virtual treasure chest of great stuff. I found a nice watch- ALL of my watches […]

Fashion: Bordeaux is NOT wine at my house !

Autumn is my favorite time of the year for fashion. I do love the others and if you are like me, when it’s time for the seasons to change I am all about moving on. There is just something special about Fall fashion and this year- it’s clear that we have many beautiful colors to […]

Fashion….are you Fierce or yet another Victim ?

I refuse to be a Fashion Victim. I refuse to pay $150 for a t-shirt just because it’s from a “hot” designer. I refuse to pay $300 for jeans that look exactly like the ones at Forever 21 that sell for $10.50…and yet I LOVE FASHION. I believe in Fashion- I love Fashion and I mean […]